mighty suspicious

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    very interesting read - found info on another forum

    "a couple of weeks ago (monday 20 may) brett clegg of the AFR wrote a very bullish article on george weston (weg) saying that the company was very much undervalued and that the major shareholder was looking to take over the rest of the company - he gave it a real ramp

    WEG can be a very illiquid stock (the major shareholder has approx 81%) and the article really stirred up some buying and volumes were strong for 3 or 4 days

    well what a surprise when on the same day that the article appeared, an insto sell order appeared in the mkt for an undisclosed no. of shares and they kept selling for about a week

    was there any relationship between the author and the seller of the stock?? "

    I have heard some very interesting theories
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