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    Macquarie Infrastructure Group can be expected to take sides in the Ontario electoral campaign, given the Liberal opposition has lobbed some campaign bombs its way.

    Canada's Highway 407, in which Macquarie Infrastructure Group holds 43 per cent, runs through seats traditionally held by the Tory government. The Liberal opposition is appealing to those Tory voters with a policy that would see price rises rolled back to inflation plus 2 per cent over the first 15 years and the flat inflation rate after that.

    Opinion polls have suggested the Liberals should be feared, with Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail reporting the Liberals were between six and eight percentage points ahead of the Tories in a poll. The election is on October 2.

    However, Sydney residents might remember promises made by the NSW Labor Party when it was in opposition and in the lead-up to the 1995 state election.

    Having made similar promises regarding the M4 and M5 toll roads, Labor won the election then said the concession deed dictating the pricing schedule was water tight. Victorians have also had a similar experience, with the state Labor party reversing its "no toll" promise on the proposed Mitcham-to-Frankston freeway.

    Macquarie Equities noted that there were repurchase clauses in the 407 deed, but they must be at fair market value.

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