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In response to noeinstein's link (thanks for posting) regarding...

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    In response to noeinstein's link (thanks for posting) regarding the ZOONO Pilot at Microsoft. Below is the transcript from the pdf.

    Another interesting read and further supportive test data for ZOONO.

    IMO - As employees return to work most will want to feel that they are in a hygienically safe workplace, OHS, Unions etc will probably also demand these conditions. The use of the best long lasting, non-toxic/safe and effective product just makes sense = ZOONO.

    In summary, results after one application of ZOONO, demonstrated that surfaces, five weeks later were still considered:
    Food Safe - (0-30)
    Considered Clean - (31-100)

    AS ZOONO continues to implement and grow it's global initiatives, think of the continued revenue potential in workplaces, alone?


    Companies around the world are in search of a superior solution for maintaining a heightened state of hygiene in their corporate offices to better protect employees as they return to work. In February 2021, the Operations Leadership at Microsoft, CBRE and SBM executed a trial of Zoono’s Microbe Shield Surface Protectant on its newly renovated Redmond, WA campus, which spans over 15M square feet and houses 125 buildings.

    In this trial, the parties were seeking to determine if Zoono could deliver a superior result and keep surfaces “cleaner longer” than their current protocol of cleaning and disinfecting.

    Testing Method
    This trial used ATP as the standard of measurement. Environmental contamination is measured through the detection of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is found in the cellular make-up of living organisms. Therefore, the amount of ATP present is a widely accepted gauge of microbial and bacterial contamination.

    Protocol Summary
    SBM, who led ATP testing with an independent third-party, identified two Microsoft buildings for testing – Building 36, which serves as traditional employee office space and call center, and Building 33, a highly- trafficked public Mass Vaccination Center. Within each building, test locations included high-touch surfaces, such as: door handles, light switches, chairs, tables, podiums, kitchen counters, toilet seats, toilet flush switches, and bathroom stall door handles. In both Buildings, an initial pre-treatment ATP reading was captured to determine the baseline – or “normal” – level of contamination. The surfaces were cleaned, then treated with Zoono via an electrostatic sprayer. Zoono was only applied once, at the beginning of the test cycle, and treated surfaces received regular cleaning/disinfecting throughout. ATP readings were collected twice a day for five full weeks.

    Results The addition of Zoono decreased contamination levels by roughly 75% at Buildings 33 and 36 to levels considered “Clean” and “Food Safe.” With just one application of Zoono, Microsoft surfaces stayed, on average, well within the “Safe Zone” throughout the entire test period. While there were no “Control” readings (of untreated surfaces) captured in this test, it is safe to assume that ATP levels would hover around pre-treatment readings of 122 and 148 (seen in the red line below).

    As always, DYOR & GLAH
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