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Micronic/Bluechiip product launch SLAS 2015

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    As announced in the company update from the 21st October 2014 this week
    Micronic and Bluechip were to launch the multi vial (dual identity vial) at the Washington "SLAS" Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening conference, this ran from Feb 7th to the 11th.
    Interesting to hear how this went.

    Also the new MD has been at the steering wheel for two weeks now, with 6 weeks until the 13 cent options expire I wonder if we will see a big flow of news to get those into the money. Another $1.3 million in the kitty buys another 3-6 months of business costs to really see some traction in the sales agreements etc

    Late last year the Chairmans address at the AGM spoke of a sale by Bluechiip China of 10,000 vials with further orders expected in the new year. In the same address he mentions pursuing further agreements for licensing by area in Asia and finally the mention of royalties, an up front license fee for area sales agreements and royalties on revenue.

    So based on the above we have the potential for the required news flow to get the options into the money and move Bluechiip forward.

    Have a good weekend, cheers

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