I read a great quote that is relevant here.A religious person...

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    I read a great quote that is relevant here.

    A religious person will do what they are told, even if its not right, whereas a spiritual person will do what is right, no matter what they are told.

    I see this alot in ideological dogma too. People who subscribe to someone else's framework of ideas generally don't ask questions that might undermine their beliefs because to do so is to find flaw and potentially be ex communicated from the flock.

    Anyone who is fundamentally uncomfortable with the idea of being wrong will tend to be more rebellious.

    There's been alot of typecasting by Trump supporters in these threads, anyone like myself who just doesn't buy into the bullshit is immediately classified as an evil leftist or democrat. This is a manifestation of the mental limitations of his supporters. They can't conceive of the idea that an individual with their own unique beliefs and values might hate what he represents. They can only understand things from a "flock" perspective, so you are either with them or against them
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