yes well the traditional reps and dems did bring it on...

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    yes well the traditional reps and dems did bring it on themselves - from reagan on they deliberately gutted the high tariffs that protected their manufacturing base from the 40s-80s as a tradeoff for high commercial lending + higher high end capital good exports + cheap low end import goods

    so they channelled small amounts of pay packet from lots of individuals to a much smaller no of investment banks and tier 1 corporates - and basically did little to replace it but lip service and retraining programs

    it wasnt deliberate - but it was perpetual blindspot - built on that false myth of theirs that everyone can bootstrap up from anywhere.

    anyone can - but not everyone will. populism is what happens when enough get left behind.

    theyll never accept that - if you follow their logic - being left behind is your own fault

    what I find more difficult to comprehend is that enough of the economically literate farmers and small business owners are willing to basically take bribes so they are willing to support Trump when they know none of what Trump said would fix things does

    debt worse not better - trade deficit with china worse not better

    basically its tax cuts that matter - and everyone else can go jump - even though tax cuts result in massive debt their kids will pay for

    agree - as i said pre-vote - without his covid non management - Trump would get re-elected

    if you were a tree hugger you'd say its almost like the earth itself rose up and intervened to protect itself

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