It's been counted, get over it. Trump LOST, plain and...

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    It's been counted, get over it. Trump LOST, plain and simple.

    The only thing that went on is all in your head, conspiracy types choose to believe this as you simply know no better. You've been manipulated by Don the Con. To the aware it's so obvious exactly what he is, a born again fascist. In many ways a very dangerous person, mainly because the cultists like all cults are looking for some kind of person to lead them. It's a kind of religion to them as they are lost on any kind of human level. That said its not impossible to realise what Trump truly is. It's not negative to find out you've been had. Better late than never.

    The good thing getting a Trump is that it's a real reminder of how fascism can and will creep in. Democracy is unfortunately often taken for granted. Once a fascist gets a grip their removal is not a given. Covid-19 was if anything the final proof of Trump's complete selfishness and lack of any empathy. Let alone showing how much above his station he was in dealing with any of this.
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