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    michaelmou - OXR G'day michaelmou,

    Support for OXR during April and May has been 27 cents. I would have though after hitting 27 cents, it may have rebounded quite well.

    It is worth noting that throughout April and May, volume has been substantially lower than formerly.

    The fact it has not fallen below , or for that matter even looked like approaching its' major support at 26 cents is encouraging.

    I have been watching the options very carefully to find a good re-entry rice. I seriously contemplated it yesterday, but resolved to wait till confirmation the bottom is here.

    Maybe that chance will come if the POG eases a little!

    The other consideration however is that the MACD looks to be entering positive territory.

    I will be buying OXR or OXRO within the next week or two, when the price is right.

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