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    Stop it, bleeding hearts

    NOW, please excuse us, dear readers while we briefly attend to matters of an administrative nature.

    All you anonymous pussies with your hate mail on Ventracor, get real. No one is bigger than the market.

    That Ventracor dropped for a couple of days probably means we got the call right. If you've got something to say then put your name on it. Don't be gutless.

    One, we'll continue to make the calls. Two, we don't get them all right. Three, we don't trade. At all.

    If you are so sure of your own call on Ventracor, and you may well be right, then buy some more. It's cheaper now.

    It might be apposite to remind you though of another sphere of competition faced by the company.

    Scientists in Singapore have just developed the world's smallest heart pump. A crew from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has licensed its product to US biomedical company Orquis Medical.

    The NTU heart pump is ceramic and weighs just 50 grams. No open heart surgery, no external wires. This thing fits under the skin and can be implanted with only local anaesthetic. Clinical trials are on in Europe and the US for a plethora of pumps and devices like fully artificial hearts.

    No doubt, Ventracor is on the right track but there is plenty of competition. Should investors not be aware of this?

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