mhl - watch this dog for a trade.

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    There will be a trade in this dog, don't you worry about that. It recently re-listed after being re-constructed etc. etc.

    With that was an issue at 20 cents per share. There are now not to mnay shares on issue in this co, and a fair amount fo those are in escrow for a while yet.

    As soon as it re-listed a few angry holders sold out. Also imho the few that got shares for no cost, that is advisors etc. also sold out to relaise their monies.

    As a result the stock has been wallopped down to 8 cents. Which gives it a mkt cap of something like 4 - 5 million, which is nothing.

    And today as you can see the selling dried up. that to me says that those who wanted out are now out. I entered today as i believe this one will be back to 14-15 cents in the short term. From there i don't care as it's only a trade for me.

    I'm not saying this is some hot business, but just like PHL the other day (when shares came out of escrow) there will be some gains to be had here.

    Research yourself..... That's all...
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