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    On review of the MHL major share holder ann, this is my take on things, I could be wrong and happy to be corrected by those with greater insight and knowlage.

    The potentials for CTP are most certainly to the upside, I find the investment to be a shrewd and calculated move and once again hats off to JH.

    I doubt very much that JH interest is in uranium, it is certainly not his field of expertise and why diverse when your heading on to a winner with HE, Gas and oil extraction potentials. I do however think that the prior works undertaken by MHL in the Cooper Basin (PEL 113) and the provides JH with a treasure chest full of valuable information, the basin has been touted as having oil & gas fields (59 mmbls oil, 2.5 TCF gas per PIRSA). It must also be noted that prior drilling and seismic has enabled the organisation to execute the drilling of 2 wells in 2009 targeting up to 23 mmbbls of oil and 23 bcf of gas.

    So how does the Cooper Basin interrelate with CTP interest? In simple terms its the close proximity to CTPs permits, have a look at CTPs the companys interest map on their front page web site and it also clearly highlights the Cooper Basin.

    CTP are certainly no fools and knowing that information is the key to success I believe that this all prove well to expand for CTP a broad based channel of available readily knowledge through MHL in order to expand their mid to long term strategy.

    In the scheme of things, the total monitory funds injected into MHL to become a major share holder is peanuts, this amount would barley cover the wage expenses for the drill crews currently employed on the 5 hole drill program. The money has been well injected for a feed of valuable information to aloe CTP to stream line any future planning.
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