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    This one guy alone has the contacts and possible outbreaks like Ebola will surely appreciate such a user friendly and safe product offered by MGZ for the professional hard working men and women health workers on site. Needle pricks with Ebola is a bloody worry so just put the guys below bio into your head just a little and do the simple maths.

    Quote from the recent annual report:

    Mr Robert Krakowiak, Non-Executive Director

    Robert has an established a reputation in the healthcare industry as a champion of the development of affordable safety medical devices and has developed a close association with the SIGN (Safe Injection Global Network) Secretariat at the WHO (World Health Organization), PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health), Swiss Red Cross, UNICEF and other agencies.

    Robert has in excess of 28 year’s international trade experience and more than 30 years working in the healthcare industry.

    Mr Krakowiak is a member of the Audit and Risk and Nomination and Remuneration Committees.
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