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mfs says do not act on the chris scott meeting

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    see below for the announcement just out.

    My question is what are they worried about?

    Are they worried about losing their $250,000 board positions for their 2 meetings a month?

    Are they worried that someone else may be more interested in seeing the company turn around and do a better job than them?

    So they tell us.....dont act on Chris Scotts plan to get on the board, he is just the biggest and probably the most concerned shareholder as he stand to lose 500 million dollars based on their decisions.

    Amazing stuff really.

    Its all about to change.

    I personally suggest people get behind Chris Scott and get him on the board.

    As a minimum, he lives in Brisbane and could probably ride a bike to work instead of having meetings in different states at shareholders expense.

    4 March 2008
    MFS Ltd (ASX: MFS) has been notified today by interests associated with Mr Chris Scott
    that a general meeting has been called by him for 7 April 2008 under Section 249F of
    the Corporations Act 2001.
    MFS is taking legal advice as to the validity of the calling of the meeting.
    Any shareholders that have received material from interests associated with Mr Scott
    should not take any action at this time.
    The MFS board will advise shareholders further shortly.
    For further information, please contact:
    John Hurst, MFS Limited
    Phone: 02 8259 7257
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