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mfs on sunday business show channel 9

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    For those that missed the Channel 9 business show on sunday morning, there was a full 12 minutes from Ross Greenwood detailing King, Adams, Chriss Scott, Jenny Hutson.

    Its a scathing hit on MFS.

    and Athyrio...nice attack on Jenny Hutson after you saw the show.

    All you could say is "i dont think Hutson is a good front lady to represent Scott".

    Do your self a favour and Google Jenny Hutson.

    After you see her achievements, you may change your mind about who she is and what she is capable of.

    If Scott and Hutson get a chance to solve MFS's problem (as you will see in the video....Hutson says Scott can finance the debt now).....then we will have a new MFS.

    If MFS trades in 4 weeks under the current board and their run to date......I think quite simply all MFS shareholders are screwed and we are probably looking at a 20 cent relisting price.

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