CNP 0.00% 4.0¢ cnpr group

mfs and afg holders also

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    Remeber this - nobody - I repeat NOBODY at the big end of town is currently giving a toss about the shareholders in these companies.

    The only thing they are interested in is the assets - or should I say DISTRESSED assets.

    Right now the big money smells a killing in te wind as these three (MFS Stella transaction being a great example) try desperately to unload assets at knock down prices to save themselves first and their first secured mortgages (ie the banks) second.

    You lot are so far down the list as shareholders that you don't even feature at the moment.

    Be careful - as MFS and AFG holders now know there is nothing worse than taking a punt and finding your stock suspended from trading while you watch on for months as the jackals tear what is left of the carcass of your former stock apart.

    Good luck to all holders - you are going to need every ounce of it.
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