CNN 6.25% 15.0¢ cardia bioplastics limited

mfg on the asx

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    Guys the asx is full of investor who hold for another month and if it doesn't run, off they go. The worst thing as a country we bemoan that all our ideas move off shore, we are bereft of options. I will tell you why the asx and majority of investors are unsphositicated and impatient. When compared to more mature markets where our competitors are based, hence the big difference in MC.
    Companies like CNN take time, when dealing with companies like nestle they do not rush they test and test, do market surveys on what product will be more responsive to bio plastic to increase sales. It takes ages, it's just a fact of life in big business as they do not like surprises. They will compare it in tests on durability sunlight water and everything else. What they have achieved so far in a troubled time is amazing, even incorporating the malayasian deal. This stock is not about a few points it has to be looked at a 12 month investment. Of course I know they have to meet there KPI's, soon maybe six or 12 months if they keep going along this track it will move up and people will say how long has this been around.
    But I know from experience, this will rise and rise it will be not that you can put it away and forget, one must watch and see KPI's are being met.
    But on the asx in straight MFG there are2 to or 3 that have the opportunity to reach up and actually turn a profit and be able to give you a
    Profit and a decent one to.
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