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    Hi rusty.

    Well, despite my lack of fervour for the stock's performance over the years I am still on record (in recent times) as saying it's a "hold" at these prices. Its only tax-loss selling now, in my opinion.

    When you see where copper has been tracking this last little period, and that stocks like OZL are down 3% it lends weight to the view that this has already bottomed out (surely) as it hasn't cratered further.

    The Bold & the Bulls will no doubt be "topping up" and I have to support their sentiment - at least to the extent that it's a HOLD and no way a SELL.

    You would have to be cash-strapped and panicky to sell this down at this level given they have no debt and are actually pulling stuff out of the ground. If China "blows up" (the WMS's) and commodities take a further leg down it would (in my view) still only be a short term blow. Now trading -that's a different matter. AVB has been anything but a trading stock for many many moons - as evidenced by the lack of action even after they had secured finance last year. The long-termers are just gonna have to be patient for when that "privatisation" move finally materialises (but that is just mere speculation on my part).

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