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    metastock short?list, candidates
    abc adn aip arq atp adx asl auo awe bdg caa cey ckg cep fgl gnn gym hbl hil hly ilu kcn lsg mxi nab nfd rio ske shc sgp tah tor just sort by sectors...

    lastfridays from (the 70% formula of Techa Reefcap update on 27/03/02 ) were: ANN AGL cbh FKP ncp PPP (66%)
    this weeks are ADN AIP ADX cep fbu MXI mcw SKE SHL ste SGP tql
    (70% prospect of breakout only if it can break this weeks trigger)
    formula is entered as a filter only and run weekly fridays
    H > Ref(HHV(H,20),-1) AND C > O AND V > 1000000 AND
    Ref(H,-1) < Ref(HHV(H,20),-1)

    holding some
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