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    Hmmm... Some years ago I developed an imaginative way of creating a Metastock Watchlist using the Layout utility which is a simple tool for viewing stocks of interest.

    My Watchlist Layout contains over 100 stocks and the viewing/analysis is my first task at 6.00am each day as I search for trading opportunities ... coffee in hand.

    TO CREATE LAYOUT: (say 100 charts)

    1. Open FIRST chart from list and drag to fit within Metastock window (create last to first .. alpha Z-A)

    2. Apply Template of choice and close-off default chart ( remember templates use resources X number of charts)

    3. File/New/Layout

    4. Click ADD & OK

    5. You have the last chart and can now build successive layers from Z-A.

    6. Click on Close and YES to Save Changes to Layout.

    7. SAVE AS ... Create & Open folder you call 'Layouts' and name your Layout. This should appear in the directory C:\Shares\Layouts

    8. To view later ... OPEN ... Metastock will preserve previous mode ... e.g Layouts. ( Note: You cannot view Layouts from Smart Charts...)

    9. Metastock will load the Layout in alpha Z-A finishing with the first chart (A) for viewing.

    10. Coffee in one hand ... thumb holding down (left) Ctrl key ... tap Tab key to journey thru Layout. Hold down Ctrl/Tab keys to speed scroll.

    11. To REVERSE ... Hold down Ctrl/Shift Key and hit Tab or Ctrl/Shift/Tab Keys for speed scroll.

    12. To EDIT... reposition charts. Maximise Metastock ... note extra space around our charts. Minimise the chart you want to reposition and note it sits minimised. SCROLL as before to new position and CLICK RESTORE. This will position chart at the new location .. RESTORE METASTOCK WINDOW ... SAVE & CLOSE. ( Those who ordinarily use Metastock 'maximised'(?) will have trouble here ...)

    13. To REMOVE a chart. Click (X) Close on desired chart ... choose 'close this chart and remove from Layout' ..

    13. To ADD NEW CHARTS... open Layout at next desired destination (alphabetically) ... (choose Smart Charts) ... OPEN next from Z-A chart list ... apply template ... close default ... drag to fit ... then FILE/EDIT LAYOUT/ADD/OK.

    12. Save Changes and Close.

    13. Have fun...


    This is only my view ... read the red stuff.

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