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    Its go for Gold says Uncle Alf.

    Back to back with his wonderful expose on our Jungle King.

    Titanic Royale know as Hots knows trying to keep the USD afloat .... not much buffer left and yes they will certainlythrow everything at it to keep it orderly ... tho we know one way to devalue the US global debt is to devalue the dollar ...... GORM infers L/T CT dating back to 1071.

    USD 80.43 -0.10 (USDX spot ex kitco)

    And of course POO aint helping any now :

    Crude Oil 73.22 +0.66 (are we in blue yet?)

    Seems to me the WHOLE RESOURCES SECTOR is about to move into next major upleg cos its all inter-twined. Sheesh I cant keep up with LEAD anymore either .... DEEP BLUE catching up to Zinc ..... read it and LOVE it below.

    Tho reckon Copper and Zinc are about to also launch and even Nickel being "played with " lately also is looking set to travel again for mine.

    And Uranium ......... hohoho .... let it rest for a bit.

    Havent got spot Cobalt so someone can post to complete the list.

    CMR are sitting on one of the great remaining undeveloped resources in the world and we are about to START DEVELOPING praise Zeus ... and China .... AND THE USDX !!!

    Live Spot Prices

    Price: US$/lb

    Copper July 12,06:32
    Bid/Ask 3.6160 - 3.6250
    Change +0.0272 +0.76%
    Low/High 3.5570 - 3.6296

    Nickel July 12,06:21
    Bid/Ask 15.7873 - 15.8780
    Change +0.2722 +1.75%
    Low/High 15.4924 - 15.8780

    Aluminum July 12,06:57
    Bid/Ask 1.2647 - 1.2674
    Change +0.0009 +0.07%
    Low/High 1.2592 - 1.2688

    Zinc July 12,06:47
    Bid/Ask 1.6276 - 1.6367
    Change +0.0454 +2.87%
    Low/High 1.5777 - 1.6458

    Lead July 12,06:10
    Bid/Ask 1.3478 - 1.3568
    Change +0.0204 +1.54%
    Low/High 1.3274 - 1.3568

    Uranium Jul 09, 2007
    Ux U308 price: 133.00
    Change from
    previous week -2.00

    Btw have no probs in declaring to my fellow Olympians in here that my extreme leverage GOLD and PRECIOUS METALS play is PGM.


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