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message of hope for navygulf

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    I feel for you buddy. I read about your situation over the weekend. A lot of investors will be in the same boat!

    I'm not to worried as I really believe NFL is going to take off substantially over the next week or 2 as is evident at present with the share price jumping currently up 20% today.

    2.1 mill shares traded on Friday with much more activity than over the previous 2-3 months.

    When I rang the company over a week ago Dick Selwood was in Singapore/SE Asia. IMO he will be securing a contract for a large volume of Palm Oil with the lows we have seen of late ie $350 to $400 per tonne US for Palm Oil. The company would be crazy not to secure a contract at these prices. The price is extremely favourable at present.

    I think we will get an announcement mid Nov!!!

    Due to the market being down 80% for a large number of stocks I think the share price can reach between 26-30 c per share ie 80 % below its high of $1.30 per share. Who knows where the share price can go if the market really picks up!!!

    Hang in there bud NFL should save you from your situation!!!!

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