message for my mate rick

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    You are starting to annoy me and thats not good for my ulcers i have accumulated whilst been invested in do something productive and tell us shareholders what the ##@3 is going on....or your going to look mighty funny eating corn on the cob with no @#@#@#@ teeth.

    Now i think you should not be in charge of a pre-school ,let alone a company listed on the asx,so please do me a personal favour and go on the dole,because its the only place you have qualifications for.

    Not only are you a compulsive liar and won`t answer calls,but i`ve heard your one ugly mother #@##@#@,and that is not good for the image of our company,if you resign not only will i buy another couple million shares but out of the goodness of my heart i will donate to you the money you need for the face lift you so badly need or are going to need...get the

    In finishing this love letter to you,i would like to say just one more thing,this is really p###ing me off.......the silence is now unbearable,what is your problem?come on come on COME ON kcg has nearly a higher stock price then us,i can`t live with that,that is where i do draw the line.

    Bye bye and hope to hear from you soon,VERY soon

    Yours sincerely-italian stallion

    ps-i hear you do need some cosmetic surgery,you ugly ugly man.
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