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merry xmas gold followers

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    and thanks for all the informed debate you have provided here over the last 12 months.

    A special thanks to adwebster for his mighty compilation of 50 top goldies and TA, as well as to ctindale, rowingboat, pwillow, GG, SP (when s/he behaves), nk, hobo-jo, and the MCO team for many informative posts.

    It has been a difficult 2 years and surviving GFC1 has been a big learning experience. Just how much one takes away from this lesson will depend on each of our own risk preferences, capabilities and personal circumstances. I expect continued economic and financial instability in 2010 and beyond will bring many market gyrations that will provide threats and opportunities, and require constant vigilance.

    Gold has been the main bright spot for me (until recently the sole one) in 2009.

    It is great we have so many knowledgeable investors/traders/speculators here who are willing to offer up their research and ideas. Investing involves personal perception and reviewing facts which can be subject to varied interpretations based on ones skill.

    I am glad the discussion is not all one way because there is nothing more dangerous than group thought.

    merry Xmas to all.

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