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MEO will change Cuba

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    Today's news on their Cuba Block 9 is a game changer for the country of Cuba. The Country needs as much oil as it can get to fill its 150,000 barrel a day refinery. It only produces half of that. The Venezuela Govt is talking of screwing the Cuban on supply.

    This oil is onshore, not offshore. Martin 5 well hit 390 metres of gross oil. That's good in anyone's language.

    Stickland is a sound oil man with a great track record.

    This announcement should get great Cuban Government support.

    What I'm excited about is there are 2 more news releases to come to update the resources and oil in place in the upper two sheets. The real potential of Block 9 won't be known until then.

    There is oil on Block 9 and very good oil. The Montebo field is one of the oldest in the world, having started in 1850 or something and produced 6 million barrels of 60 API oil. (googled it).

    Great work Stickland.
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