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meo vs kar

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    Hello fellow gas speccie holders.

    I keep reading comparisons to KAR but fail to see how the 2 compare.

    KAR has A LOT of cash, a large gas discovery at P-1 (all-be-it yet to be tested) but by all reports HUGE.

    Just spudded K-1 and has TOL rig for a few more months to do more wells at a VERY cheap day rate.

    Has a world-class partner CP who is VERY bullish by their world-sized reserve standards on the Browse wells.

    Has great acreage in Peru AND Brazil (next to the HUGE Petrobos oil discovery).

    Great Management who realise and have stated that even at today's prices is multiples less than the real value (compared the share price to Hess).

    In ASX 100 by cap now (but officialy ASX 200).

    Has approx 176m shares only and a VERY tight register at the top, including Talbot.

    Might be a Takeover target, but too early at this stage.

    So please fill me in everybody as the current rise in MEO might be a Pump and Dump.

    Equally I am also concerned that the same P&D might be happening to KAR, but with ALL the other things that KAR has I can see a $5 to $7 price at worst.

    MEO I see 8c like what happened in Feb (I think) on Zeus.

    The prospects with the 3D seem much better but a long way to go yet......

    I have been considering MEO to buy and watched this rise in the last few days but will remain on the sidlines and wait to see the dust settle.....
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