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Thanks for posting this guys. Most important I feel that JP...

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    Thanks for posting this guys. Most important I feel that JP Morgan feels like most of us in that MEO is undervalued.

    The simplest way I can relate it is that Karoon's market cap is still several times MEO's and now that Kontiki is a duster, Poseidon vs Artemis is the main battle for these two companies comparison wise. (Grace ect is really a side issue in the short term IMO for Kar.)

    It's like Roy Jones vs Danny Green. You could argue a case for either being the one with the most potential. Only we'll have to wait a few more months than Karoon to test ours out.

    It should be interesting as KAR is about to drill Poseidon very soon now, if it's share price gradually will take flight again as it did last time they drilled there. They can be pretty confident there given the gross gas column they've already hit. I say this as this is a very important window into what MEO will do in a couple of months time when we start drilling our beloved Artemis.

    Also re the above article: ABY has been my fav stock on asx for several months outside the gas space but I could never bring myself to buy it as I was too obsessed with MEO. I think I'm still in front over-all percentage wise hopefully, so I can still sleep at night. Just!
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