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meo alert ..... astrostuff update ..... :)

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    Hi folks,

    Have not been holding MEO for a while now, so lost track of
    what is going on ... a check on the MEO chart over the next
    few weeks or so, reveals that late December 2009 is likely
    to be a rough time for MEO and January 2010 is not expected
    to be much better.

    For example:-

    29122009 ... negative spotlight expected on MEO

    31122009 ... negative aspect ... finance-related ???

    11-13012010 ... significant and negative news expected here

    18-20012010 ... more negative news for MEO ... ???

    It seems the best chance for MEO to boom, will be around
    12-18022010 and especially 16-17022010, when positive news
    is expected, on the back of 2 positive time cycles coming
    together, at that time ..... :)

    ..... meanwhile, the MEO chart looks quite negative,
    from this end, as it has been tracking under its 30 day
    moving average, since mid-November 2009 ... !~!

    have a great weekend



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