mens fr open semis tmrw night shld be great

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    Those two games..... Nadal v Murray, and Federer v Djokovic should be great games. Top four seeds.

    Would love to see Federer beat Djokovic, but that is probably a tall order with Djokovic playing at an extremely high level at the moment.

    Having said that, Federer appears to have decided to employ different strategies at the French Open this year, which seem to be working well. Using more variety in his play, including more willingness and inclination to come to the net.

    Rafa, being the honest, delightful, eccentric young man he is, has come out and declared that he doesn't think that he can win the tournament because he isn't playing well enough. Has also hinted that the constant playing calendar and the rankings race is wearing him down, and taking the fun out of the game.

    Suddenly, it seems unlikely that Rafa will ever catch Federer's Grand Slam total. At one stage, it seemed inevitable.

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