'Member for Manila' distracts Coalition campaign

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    Perhaps Hairy as a NAT supporter might care to weigh in on this one.

    'Member for Manila'


    The curious case of George Christensen's travel to the Philippines has haunted the Coalition all year.What started as rumours and whispers has become front-page news, and earned the conservative Nat the nickname "the Member for Manila".

    It's a lie, a putrid smear, he's long argued.But it's now landed him a date with the nation's independent expenses auditor, in a bid to silence those leaking against him.He self-referred after the revelation he had charged taxpayers more than $3,000 on connecting flights to the Philippines, where his fiancee lives.News Corp has also previously revealed Mr Christensen made 28 trips to the Asian nation within four years, and spent more time in the country than in Canberra during 2016 and 2017."I don't have access to his travel details, but based on what I've seen and read he has very, very serious questions to answer about his travel," Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen said."It's not appropriate to use taxpayer-funded travel to connect to a private overseas flight. "It's not appropriate. And it astounds me that [Prime Minister] Scott Morrison stands by and says it's OK. This is a test of his leadership."

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