melbournes price inflation siting at 45%

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    Thanks to QEasing and the $900 hand out, this proves yet again the lies of the Government and RBA whilst discussing real price increases.

    In the three years to September 2010, the price of electricity for the typical Melbourne home rose 54 per cent. The price of water rose 62 per cent, the price of gas rose 28 per cent - the highest price increases during the period of any capital city, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

    The bureau's projections for utility prices this year paint an equally severe scenario of escalating costs.

    The trio utility costs alone represent an extra yearly burden of about $1000 on family finances - or $20 a week - for an average household of four, while grocery bills are set to rise on average by $50 a week, based on an average weekly bill of $150.

    The figures sit in contrast with inflation, which rose during the same period by just 8 per cent.

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