Megawati's False Claims

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    Megawati's claims that Australians are now safe in Indonesia are false. See points below

    1) Muslim extremists have no respect for Human Life.A Muslim state is the driving force behind these people. They have no respect for those with other religious beliefs or political beliefs, Unlike Christians who respect the right of others to their beliefs, NB We have many religions represented in Australia who can worship in peace

    2) Megawati has done little to protect 5000+ Christians that have been killed by Muslims in Indonesia over the last no of years. Sadly these killings will continue

    3) Corruption is rife in Indonesia (Refer recent Sidney Jones interviews)
    You want Passports, Weapons, explosives in Indonesia
    NO PROBLEMS Just BRIBE the right person in the ARMY or POLICE FORCE and you can get what you want and go ahead and kill more innocent people.

    Therefore Please Be Careful. Sadly, the Bali Bombing may not be the end of this so don't be conned by Megawati's false claims.

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