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    When I heard that the meeting between Sentry and Monitor
    scheduled for monday I thought it was maybe a meeting for lawyers to finalize and see if there was anything else. Then I heard that Alan Hart and Jon where meeting in Jakarta which to me makes it a bit more significant.
    1. why travel all that way unless you are signing off

    2. Jakarta? why Jakarta? we all know they are looking for SE asia near term projects. Are they meeting Indo partners to sign off on a J.V there to. As why not meet halfway or one
    to fly either way. I may be reading to much into to a meeting in Indonesia but why go there? next week should be an interesting week. Which all holders should benefit as MHL starts to plan ahead and progress on the march forward. With news so close I hope someone takes out the 900000 at 21 to teach them a lesson called research and dig

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