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    From the 2020 Annual Report Leslie earned a base salary of $375k.

    Recently she just exercised $2.14m of options and BORROWED $623k (almost twice her base annual cash salary) for the privilege.

    From the last Alan K interview, she mentioned that PH and herself are not likely to sell shares as IMU grows.

    If that is not (adding more) 'skin in the game' from the ultimate insider, I don't know what is.

    Leslie also recently sold some shares in 40's at the same time as borrowed $623k to exercise the rest of her options. If she thought mid 40's was over valued or even fair value, she would have sold more at that price to clear her options conversion, and not borrow anything putting her financial position at risk. The market would have (or should have given her a pass for this) even if some AFR journalist writes otherwise. To me, this signals that Leslie doesn't think 40s is overvalued/fair value.

    Leslie's whole career, reputation and finances are linked to the upcoming success of IMU and its pipeline. And she was willing to put more "skin in the game", ie borrow a mortgage worth, $623k.

    I am happy to follow smart inside money. IMO, IMU is a gift in the mid-30s. Leslie knows the shares are GOING HIGHER and recent high of 49.5c should not be the high by the end of the year.

    I am guessing, LC may have borrowed more (and sold less heads) if she had the capacity to do so. (
    I wish some institution or bank will lend me money to exercise my IMUOB options.)
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