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    thanks for sharing that

    I thought they were both actually really positive

    the guy who knew it, as you say, called it a buy and said he would hold it in his portfolio (so probably is or will)

    the second guys wasn’t aware of it as they don’t cover minnows however I thought his comments were actually encouraging

    he basically said as a IO minnow shifts from exploring to producing you should see spikes in the SP as money starts coming in so that’s a moment to watch out for, for returns.

    he was saying it in a general sense, and then the other dude jumped in and was like - yeah, they are literally backing the truck up now and will ship in the next quarter and have off take agreements, that’s why it’s a buy.

    he also called out the superior grade and how shallow and easy to extract the asset is.

    a good bit of support! Shame it came on Xmas eve when the market is on holiday. Bet that second guy is going off to research the stock a bit more lol

    (aside: just goes to show, as this gets on the radar how much potential buyers are still out there not aware, even pro money!)

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