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    17 July 2003 ACN 009161522

    Medical Monitors Limited

    Suite 407 Office Tower

    Westfield Eastgardens

    Eastgardens NSW 2036 Australia

    Tel 02 9344 8100 Fax 02 9344 8200

    Senior International Appointment for Medical Monitors Limited

    A leading British hypertension specialist has been appointed as medical advisor to Medical

    Monitors Limited, as the Company continues to pursue its European expansion with a number of

    successes, specifically in Britain.

    Professor Bryan Williams will provide counsel and expertise on hypertension management, the UK

    National Health Service, as well as the UK's pharmaceutical and medical industries.

    Internationally recognised in the area of hypertension (blood pressure) and cardiovascular risk

    management, Prof. Williams is President of the prestigious British Hypertension Society and

    Professor of Medicine at Leicester Royal Infirmary and University of Leicester. He has authored

    National and European treatment guidelines for hypertension and cardiovascular risk management

    and numerous scientific papers and text books on hypertension and diabetes.

    Prof. Williams holds several international memberships including the International Society of

    Hypertens ion, European Society of Hypertension and European Council for Cardiovascular


    Hypertension is a major public health issue in the UK, affecting more than 10 million people. The

    bigger concern is that only about 10 per cent of patients in the UK achieve their target blood


    "The way forward is to focus on novel systems which provide for greater patient involvement in the

    monitoring and management of blood pressure. The BPfone provides a unique solution as it is a

    simple and effective means of improving people's blood pressure management,"said Prof. Williams.

    The BPfone™ has already been recognised by the UK National Health Service, where it won the

    prestigious 2002 NHS Award for "Best use of IT in Primary and Community Care". In the same

    year the BPfone™ also won the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s "Community Care" Award.

    Dr Allan Shell, Managing Director, Medical Monitors, said that "Prof. Williams’ appointment is

    another indication of the recognition that the Company is receiving among the international medical

    community, particularly for its BPfone blood pressure monitoring system".

    Medical Monitors Limited is an Australian health service and medical technology company that

    enables people to simply and effectively monitor specific cardiovascular conditions through unique


    For further information please contact Dr Allan Shell on 02 9344 8100 or visit the Medical

    Monitors website -
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