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    How does one take the economic reporting seriously in Australia?
    Costello has delivered another excellent Budget, that underscores the extent of sound economic management delivered by the Howard Govt since it came to power....yet....we are forced fed this immature, politiacally driven dribble by a Media 'posse' that still holds steadfast to a neo Marxist, planned economy, Iron Curtain, cradle to coffin, socialist state.
    Did anyone read Ross Gittins, SMH column today?
    And this is the objective voice of the economically rational media?
    Hammer the 'Christ' out of Costello for producing a $1.5B deficit last year?, at a time when the World was melting down like a Port Kembla furnace?
    Not one word of praise for producing a Budget that delivers to the citizens of Oz:
    3.5% growth in GDP
    2.5 Inflation
    6% unemployment
    $2.5B Surplus
    Record levels of consumer confidence
    Increasing assett values
    Higher incomes

    and....keeping the rats off our shores!

    Meanwhile...News Ltd blows $7.5B (six times last years deficit) and no one seems to care.

    nq...Brothers & sisters, we live in frightening times.

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