media inaccuaracy: gold siezed in iraq

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    Amazing...recent report of gold seized by US in IRAQ, here are a few 'inconsistent' excerpts!!!

    Article 1:
    Pentagon officials say the troops stopped a truck carrying 1,600 gold bars at a military checkpoint near the Syrian border. The officials say the gold is valued at $34 million.
    Two men were taken into custody. There is no word on who they are, where they are from, or where they got the gold.

    NOTE: 1600 bars and worth 34 million

    Article 2:
    £300m in gold falls off the back of a lorry
    From Tim Reid in Washington
    AMERICAN troops in Iraq seized a shipment of 2,000 gold bars

    NOTE: 2000 gold bars and 300 million pounds (about 600 mill usd)

    Article 3:

    American troops have seized what appears to be $500 million worth of gold bars from a truck in

    Note: 500 million USD, at least the num of bars consistent with article 2. Although this said the drivers were paid $350 while article 1 and 2 said $250

    Aritcle 4:
    (16:11) US troops in Iraq have seized what appears to be gold bars worth half a billion dollars after stopping a truck near the Syrian border.

    Note: The article was titled :"Billions of dollars in gold found in Iraq" which is slightly more than the half a billion quoted in the article.

    Article 5:

    This article wasnt even sure if the bars were gold...



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