media diversity, who needs it?

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    The political divide between the SMH and Daily Tele grows ever wider.

    The SMH’s front-page article was headlined ‘Officials knew of dodgy Iraq file’ while the Tele ran the yarn on page 7 and under the gentler line ‘PM not told of uranium claim doubt’.

    It would seem News Ltd’s voracious support of the war means they are as unlikely as the PM to concede there was anything untoward in the lead up to conflict.

    Meanwhile, former intelligence man and now media-darling and PR master Andrew Wilkie has popped up again with an explosive reaction to the ‘I knew nuttin’ response by the PM.

    He is quoted at www. saying:

    "There is something wrong with this whole story, it reeks of dishonesty, it reeks of children overboard, the fact that the prime minister is claiming he was unaware."

    "I just find that story unbelievable. This was either a terrible act of dishonesty or it was a monumental blunder, a blunder so serious that it calls into question our whole intelligence relationship with the US and Australia's intelligence processes."

    Wilkie’s typically blunt comments can be found here:

    The SMH’s front-page article is here:

    The Daily Tele’s page 7 story is here:,5936,6731845%255E21302,00.html

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