AJM 0.00% 7.0¢ altura mining limited

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    Sure, it has to meet certain standards of quality, but I think it's more a case for AJM that the price is right...

    My term of 'spod quality' actually relates to meeting the standards required, in a nutshell. Is there a better term for it in this context?

    The price is right basis is being tested now, with li market prices dropping to around AJM's contract prices. I believe AJM is getting a bit more now for the spod than GXY. I suppose that could be influenced by their 5.8% spod. Has A40 released the data yet on how much they sold their stockpile?

    Maybe that will be a better basis for assessing the price factor, to see how much the other miners are getting for the spod on a like basis
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