medec bioresonance listed today (maa)

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    Medec Bioresonance is worth a look :)

    Who is Medec Bioresonance?

    Medec Bioresonance is an Australian owned company based in Perth/Western Australia. The directors of Medec Bioresonance, Josef A. Plattner and Marion Plattner, have been involved in the research development, manufacturing and marketing of Bioresonance systems in Europe for many years, working closely with research groups related to several European Universities. They brought the Medec Bioresonance technology to Perth when they immigrated to Australia in 1997. Josef A. Plattner is an Engineer with an additional education in Alternative Medicine at the Parazelsus School for Alternative Medicine in Munich/Germany.

    What is Bioresonance?
    Bioresonace is an alternative method and has been known in Europe for approximately 20 years. It uses electric and electromagnetic energy fields to stimulate the equivalent biological energy of the human body. Electric and electromagnetic energy fields emanating from the brain and other control centres mastermind the bio-chemical process of any biological system Any malfunction of the bio-chemical process of the human body can often be corrected by gently stimulating these control mechanisms. For this purpose Medec Bioresonace gently applies energy fields which are related to the natural energy fields of a young and healthy human body.
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