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    AAC has made an announcement advising the sale of
    meat under brand name '1824'
    Peter Holmes a Court was seen this morning on the
    nine networks today show @ about 7.15am
    replying to what affect if any the decision about yesterday's native land title (no entitlement to oil and gas resources)will have on his firms operation
    It would appear from today's interview that it will be business as usual for AAC
    He then went on to disclose the '1824' branding strategy AAC was adopting and why!
    Prospectus forecast was for 5.9 cents and original issue price was $1.00 last year
    If the 5.9c dividend (fully franked) is paid on yesteday's
    price of around 66 - 68 cents that's a yield of 8per cent
    plus which is a bit more respectable than the 5.9per cent given the drought that farmers are experiencing up north
    Reportedly this co is the second largest cattle producer
    in australia
    Some of the broking houses who had a hand in the float
    were csfb,weres,bells,abn,hartleys, and wilsons(i think)
    Apologies for those left off
    Unless there is some hidden 'X' factor the numbers might come in as forecast
    Management seem to be doing all the responsible things in keeping the market well informed
    My gut feeling on this stock and i'd be interested in others opinions are that if numbers were to come in much lower then this stock would probably be sitting
    @ around 30 - 45 cents
    It's worth noting that meat prices looked to have stabilised in the shops and the Stock & Land publication
    reports good sales
    $20.00 bucks a kg for porterhouse 6 to 8 mths ago is now back to more realistic prices today!
    What this all means for the consumer goes without saying
    co's like aac will sell just as much but at a lower margin
    o/seas deals like yesterday's liquid gas to china will
    hopefully open up more opportunities for aussie co's to xport more
    Peter commented that the take up of meat in Japan is
    increasing albeit from a very small base
    If the company is as good as Peter conducted himself on channel 9 this morning then maybe AAC is worth another look and should be rerated for the long term
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