@pierogi; we seem to be pretty much on the same page. It's very...

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    @pierogi; we seem to be pretty much on the same page.

    It's very concerning to see bankers responsible for enabling international money laundering escape personal accountability while the whistle-blower who exposed the cover up of alleged war crimes by ADF personnel in Afghanistan is arrested and persecuted by government and the offices of the ABC raided by the AFP.

    That 50 part series of articles I referenced earlier makes for stunning reading; including the following points:

    "... Hitler and Mussolini were viewed as heroes by conservatives because they had crushed the socialist movement and smashed the unions. They had ensured that profits kept rolling in. ..."

    "... Menzies, Australia’s longest serving prime minister, was glowing in his praise of Nazi Germany.
    In 1938, when federal attorney general, he visited the Nazified country and enthused about the “really spiritual quality in the willingness of Germans to devote themselves to the service and well being of the state.”


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