mctiernan stategy for gillard and labor

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    The emerging strategy of the machiavellian McTiernan is very simple:

    1. Demonise Tony Abbott. Constantly imply he is a mad religious fanatic, a hater of all women (bring in the handbag squad here) and is a cretin. Imply he is a racist (see Australia Day tactics).

    2. Denigrate Rudd. Swan and other cabinet members wallow in the dirt (not Gillard).

    3. Have Gillard commit to the NDIS etc that will need lots and lots of money that the government does not have. Put off actual expenditure to the never never.

    4. And the latest move - paint Gillard as a visionary in the Hawke tradition. Ensure she is photographed with Hawkey who I believe fell asleep during her speech.
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