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mcrae12 re polymetals

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    I read the report you spoke about. And while I think you only put it there to push another stock. I did read it. Interesting grades. Significant depths for some.

    And, Did I miss how long the potential strike was?

    And, how comfortable are you with an armchair JORC based on old soviet drilling?

    What do you think of these grades?

    34.1m @ 1.49% Cu
    12 7.0m @ 0.83% Cu;
    9.45m @ 1.74% Cu hole ending on ore body
    9.45m @ 0.92% Cu;

    6.7m @ 0.63% Cu hole ending in ore body
    6.1m @ 0.81% Cu
    6.1 m @ 1.00% Cu
    4.88m @ 0.85% Cu;
    3.35m @ 1.9% Cu;

    No assays for other metals were done. And all holes were shallow.

    Be interested to hear your thoughts on these

    And no...please don't give me your can't be bothered again. I think these are fair questions.

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