Yes, some people had no clue what to do once inside the Capitol....

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    Yes, some people had no clue what to do once inside the Capitol. That's why I call them the "meat shield".

    Gullible - often overweight, middle class and middle aged - Trump supporters radicalised on social media were the wall of expendable foot soldiers that shielded shock troops from scrutiny. Their goofy pictures disguise the true military-style organisation.

    The shock troops knew exactly where they were going. It now appears some were given a guided reconnaissance tour the day before by sedition caucus House members. Some went straight to unmarked offices, others straight to the Speaker's chamber or office, others took away devices and equipment, others hunted with ziptie handcuffs for Congress members to be used as hostages or executed.

    But the Capitol police and, later on, DC police put up too much of a fight. Then the Trump appointees in DoD keeping the National Guard away and stopping Virginia and Maryland help got outplayed by someone lower down the food chain, who gave the ok with no official authorisation.

    I think, when all the evidence comes in, history may show the attack on the Capitol was intended to go into the night and culminate in a mass hostage situation. Which only Trump would be able to "negotiate".

    Dumbass Trump supporters taking selfies in the Capitol would have been long gone or dead by then.
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