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mcchoncie does dallas

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    well first he discovered (((( bauxsol )))) of course ::))

    then the team discovered (((( basecon ))))))

    in the mean time thery were busy running all over the world promoting the environment ;::)))

    THEN THE team did

    Oct 07-10 SWEMP 2002 Hotel Quattro Torri, Cagliari, Sardegna, Italy
    The symposium on Environmental Issues and Waste Management of Mineral and Energy Production (SWEMP).

    mmmmmm cant say to much

    rock and roll lock and load :::::)))))))

    im in long term tax is better that way
    plus i want any nice juicey dividends that might be lurking around in the next few yrs ::::))))))

    do your own research

    regrads gaga
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