MBP 3.23% 3.0¢ metabolic pharmaceuticals limited

mbp up 5% on good volume

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    Any news from this coy? Up 5% on higher than usual volume on a bad day for the market.

    Closed close to its high today which bodes well for tomorrow.

    If it can break $0.87 then i think here we come $1.20.

    Also it seems that the "Packers" are backing this one, as they have been buying CIR which is MBP's largest shareholder. Packer & Co. started to increase its holding in CIR in August 2002 a day after MBP released info regarding their Obesity drug.

    ABN Amro recently placed a buy on the stockand has a 12 month price target of $1.08 on MBP.

    What are peoples thoughts on MBP/CIR?
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