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    Hello albs. This has long been the pattern of trade in MBP. MBP havae always clearly stated when the results of their trials are to be expected. Typically what happens with MBP is that the price starts to move up a week or two before the announcement is expected and, upon announcement, the price drops. Today's result is almost an exact replay of the previous trial result for their fat control peptide fragment.

    Those who trade this stock exit at the time of the announcement. Long-term holders just have to put up with the decline of price between announcements. That's just the nature of biotech... a long time between drinks.

    However with MBP at its current stage of developt, I believe it's worth holding on not just for the next stage trial but because this announcement may attract the interest of a larger pharmaceutical company interested in licensing or some other arrangement which could be financially advantageous to Metabolic.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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