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mbp fat pill to be shown on news

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    There will also be a larger segment on MBP's fat pill on A Current Affair. There are a lot going for this company with huge potential.

    Encouraging results to date in an arena highly sought after by larger pharmaceutical companies. Success in the Phase 2B area would lead to heightened interest from the major pharmaceutical groups. The three-month weight loss trial studies will attract 'significant international interest'.

    The public relations to generate media coverage in the search for volunteers looks like it is starting today, with Metabolic's 'natural' fat pill scheduled to show in news reports including an article in A Current Affair tonight.

    US FDA meeting in regards to Phase 2B trial approval due. It is anticipated that the Phase 3 trials will start in the US next year.

    Metabolic has increased its research pipeline including projects associated with iron overload and diabetes.

    ABN Ambro Morgans has a $1.03 valuation and Huntley has it as a spec accululate.

    The potential for this product is enormous.
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