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maybe something is happening

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    lumacom was sold down during the week, to as low as 22c. the shares have since recovered,and are now 27c. i may be wrong, but there maight be something in the air - a positive announcement maybe ????. i have no idea, and will not be buying any more. it is a far fetched call, but it would not surprise me, to see this stock trade at $5, within a year or two. of course, if i were certain, i would buy more. as it is, i have bought in at 7c.

    as a sign of confidence in the technology, the european joint venture partner, has underwritten the cost of the first sign which was $1m. the expected payback period, is something like 12 - 18 months. this amounts to great confidence in the product. if one were to think of all the cities in the world, and all of the buildings in these cities, and all of the advertising that one sees on these buildings, then it would only need a very small part of the market, for this company to be extremely profitable.

    the signs, that i have seen in perth, are head and shoulders above the competing signs. obviously, the joint venture partners think the same (i hope)

    happy punting, or speculating, if you buy. if you loose your money, then that is the way it goes, but this has the potential for big returns, and it is not exactly "pie in the sky"
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Currently unlisted public company.

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